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What sort of treatment is provided?

All treatment programs involve Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). Treatment programs are conducted over the internet or on a face-to-face basis. The Anxiety Disorders Clinic at CRUfAD

All treatment is time-limited and is completed within 6 months. Treatments are conducted on an outpatient basis where the client comes to the clinic to receive treatment or completes the program over the internet.

The clinic does not provide a crisis service or long term support. The clinic does not prepare reports for legal or insurance purposes.


What is Internet-based treatment?

Our Internet-based treatment courses involve Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and are run through THIS WAY UP Clinic. All courses are guided by specialists.

The courses teach you:

  1. what the disorder is,
  2. what keeps it going,
  3. practical skills to manage the symptoms and
  4. how to prevent symptoms from returning.

The majority of people who undertake treatment at the Anxiety Disorders Clinic will commence internet-based treatment as a first step. After the internet course, we assess further treatment needs and some people then commence a face to face treatment program. People who need extra treatment find that the internet treatment prepares them to do well in face to face therapy.


Does treatment work?

Research throughout the world has shown CBT to be highly effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders. The clinic is involved in a range of research projects investigating the nature, causes and treatment of anxiety disorders.

Our research studies have shown that our programs are effective in reducing difficulties with anxiety and depression. Our most recent research has demonstrated that our Internet-based treatments are just as effective as our face-to-face treatment programs.

The Anxiety Disorders Clinic is committed to evaluating and improving its treatments. Our assessment process is very thorough in order to ensure that our programs are likely to be helpful for patients. During treatment, patients regularly complete questionnaires and attend appointments to review their progress and make sure that treatment is effective.


How much does it cost?

Currently, initial assessments are Medicare billed with no extra charge. The total costs for 90 days access to the online treatment programs are $59. There is no charge for assessment, clinician guidance during the Internet courses, or for any face to face treatment.


Who is not likely to benefit from the treatment programs at the clinic?

Excessive anxiety is a very common difficulty. The clinic provides time-limited cognitive behavioural treatments for specific anxiety disorders. However, some anxiety difficulties are best treated by other types of therapy that are not provided at our clinic.

Anxiety often co-occurs with other difficulties such as psychosis, chronic depression, eating disorders, relationship problems and difficulties with self-harm or suicide. In many cases, it is best to treat other difficulties before treating the anxiety.

Patients are not accepted for treatment while they are taking benzodiazepines or have alcohol or drug dependence.

Patients whose anxiety disorder is the subject of legal proceedings for financial compensation are not accepted into treatment programs at this clinic, and no medico-legal reports are provided.


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