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How can I make an appointment?

The Anxiety Disorders Clinic at CRUfAD

You will need a written referral from a GP or psychiatrist to make an appointment for an assessment.
The Anxiety Disorders Clinic at CRUfAD
Appointments are made by telephoning the Clinic Manager on (02) 8382 1400 on weekday mornings from 9.30am to 12 noon.


What will happen at the initial assessment?

You will be asked to complete some questionnaires and a specialist psychiatrist will conduct a directed diagnostic interview. The purpose of this interview is not to obtain a comprehensive history of all your difficulties.

Instead, the psychiatrist will ask a series of specific questions to determine
(a) whether you have a disorder that can be treated at this clinic, and
(b) whether we think you will benefit from our programs.

Initial assessments are up to 2 hours long. You do not need to bring anything to the initial assessment except for your Medicare card.


What will happen after the initial assessment?

If treatment at the clinic is advised, the psychiatrist will recommend a treatment program and you will be placed on the waitlist. In many cases, internet-based treatment will be recommended and will usually begin within a fortnight.

Waiting periods for face-to-face individual treatment programs vary, and can be discussed with the Clinic Manager. After the initial assessment, you may also be invited to participate in the Clinic’s research projects.

If the psychiatrist does not think our programs will be of benefit to you, we will write an explanatory letter to your referring doctor and we will do our best to identify management strategies that may be helpful.

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